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You should be in control of your trade routes & options. No, scratch that. You need to be in control of your routes & options.

Logististics and transportation is all about being in control and knowing what matters to you. Your much needed safety is already provided by our Qcheck system.

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But what about full transparency and route control?

We welcome you to the Qoobus Live Heatmap: here to finally democratize the information you deserve - in real time.

Our map shows you the hottest spots for freight offers & transport solutions across the entire Europe. You will constantly know where to go to maximize your much deserved profits. There are only benefits to be had when using the Qoobus performant live heatmap:

You’ll always have a general overview of your options & performanceYou’ll be provided with correct visual paths for your actual & potential transports You will make more knowledgeable decisions about partnershipsYou will make more money.
Enjoy the Qoobus Live Heatmap, the most powerful way to understand transport and logistics.

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