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”We're driven by the idea of change for the better, faster & more secure work ecosystem for our customers. From every day to the extraordinary, we create products to break down logistics barriers for businesses around the world.”

Qoobus is an organisation shaped on these fundamental principles:

1. If you don’t like it, change it

That’s exactly what we’re doing in the Logistics & Transportation industry. The rules were broken so we decided to make the industry better & more accessible for smaller players. We’re applying that mindset to our day to day activities as well. It works.

2. Faster is better

Our clients love speed and so do we. They love getting things done faster with no sacrifice of quality; and so do we. It's what drives us.

3. Above & beyond

Much like in creative activities, in LogTech businesses, it takes many iterations to reach the perfect result. We do that. Think it, debate it, test it out, repeat.

4. Responsibility

Taking real ownership pushes things from ideas to actual projects. There’s merit in that so we encourage responsible action and delivering results.

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Qoobus is an intelligent platform specifically designed to revolutionise the Transportation and Logistics Industry with the help of technology. We aim to become the most reliable meeting place for carriers and shippers and to change the fate of businesses in this field, providing them with real-time access to market data that will help them make the best business decisions. Join our team and let’s expand our horizons together!

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