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Worried about being scammed? If the answer is yes, that’s normal.
We’ve all been at some point. Some still are.

But you can stop worrying now.

It’s time for Qcheck - the Qoobus integrated solution that screens all potential partners you may come in contact with. We’re only allowing clean players to join the Qoobus network.

So what is Qcheck?

Qcheck is your safety net when doing business across Europe. It’s what allows you to stop worrying about getting ripped off and focus on what matters: profits.

As we like to say, Qcheck is Trust. Qcheck is Peace of Mind.

On Qoobus you will only do business with verified companies that are not out to scam you. Qcheck fully verifies shippers & carriers. Their financial status, pending legal issues, licenses, insurances. Everything. Before and after companies get access to Qoobus services.

Qcheck is Trust. Qcheck is Peace of Mind.

You having access to real information is the goal Qoobus meets. Peace of mind will allow you to make informed decisions and take calculated risks that maximize your profits.

Do business as you always wanted to.

Safe. Secure.
Everyday. Everywhere.