Qcheck is a Qoobus service that allows you to credit check logistics companies and their owners.

You can use Qcheck to analyse companies based on their:

- Financial reports & Court cases.
- Permits & licenses.
- Reviews.
- Zones & activity Heatmap.


Qoobus is a logistics platform for businesses looking for freight and/or transport solutions.

You can use Qoobus to:

- Find freight and transport solutions.
- Analyse transport demand & supply (LIVE).
- Communicate | Grow your partner network.
- Find everything about logistics companies and their owners.

Borderless Transport & Freight Solutions

Transparent Information, the new Democracy

Gain access to real-time, instant information about available freight or transport solutions, so you can make the best possible decisions for your business and increase your profit margin on every deal.

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Transparent Information, the new Democracy

Live Heat Map

Discover hot spots for freight offers & transport solutions across Europe real-time, so you know exactly where to look for lucrative action. Save hours spent over the phone or Email, and close deals in minutes - gaining better profits, more time, bigger outreach, and a guarantee for verified partner companies.

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Live Heat Map

Real-time freight & transport solutions across Europe

Where there’s a will, there’s a way - and where there’s a load, there’s a business opportunity that you can get access to with only one click.

Access the fastest European transport marketplace, with over 100,000 available freight and transport solutions daily.

Real-time freight & transport solutions across Europe

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Start building your network! The better your network of shippers & carriers, the higher your chances of spotting the windows of opportunity. Lots of windows in this multi-billion dollar industry. Stay in touch with your close transport partners, socialise and get the latest industry updates through one dashboard.

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Save time

Save time

Fleet management system

If you can spell the word “TRUCK”, you can take advantage of the Qoobus fleet management system. It’s this easy to see its benefits.

One truck, two trucks, 10 trucks? It doesn’t matter - you fill in your fleet’s attributes and post its availability in a matter of seconds.
Then invite shippers to check out your proximity and convenience. Let’s do some business!

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