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Our platform connects shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders to help you find the right transport solutions and partners for your needs. With our user-friendly platform, you can quickly create an account and start building your network of carriers.

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On Qoobus you instantly know where the perfect solution is. Using our real-time Big Data Analytics, you’ll know everything about your market in a matter of seconds, and identify all load partners in a given region, filtering them down to your specific needs or truck availability.


One platform — Total market visibility, free access to information, without distrustful players.

Welcome to a world of digital logistics

Welcome to Qoobus.

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Assign your loads in an optimized way, gain access to more transport providers when required.

Digitize your supply chain and gain real-time visibility of transportation execution, enabling you to anticipate different scenarios and avoid any unforeseen events.

This brings real savings, increases your productivity, and boosts transparency with the community connected to the platform.

By using Qoobus, you can access numerous transport options and make better decisions for your business. And with our easy-to-use platform, finding new partners and solutions has never been simpler. Join Qoobus today and take the first step towards building a better logistics network!

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DV Group

Posted a review about Qoobus

See what Valeriu Roileanu, co-founder of DV Group, says about Qoobus!
💻 Thank you for choosing our platform to grow your business!
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Smart Click

Posted a review about Qoobus

Edgar Cibotari, Director of Logistics at SmartClick and, says about Qoobus!
💻 SmartClick thank you for choosing Qoobus!
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Posted a review about Qoobus

See what Vadim Surdu, logistics manager at Bioprotect, told us about the difficult process of matchmaking between carriers and freight owners, and how Qoobus became the main platform that matched them directly with the leading carriers in the market.
🌐 See also how Bioprotect has improved its logistics process and what are the benefits of Qoobus.
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Ania Spedition

Posted a review about Qoobus

Learn from Ania Spedition, how you can improve your logistics processes and the benefit from working with Qoobus.
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Zeugma Logistics

Posted a review about Qoobus

“Qoobus is a very well-digitized tool that solves our matchmaking problem in the first place.” Zeugma Logistics COA, Cornel Popa, about our platform!
🌍 Find out from our happy customers how you can improve your logistics processes and what the benefits of Qoobus are.

You know that feeling of relief when you finally find the right carrier for your load. How about you experience that feeling every day?

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At Qoobus, we are creating a logistics business network that works for you, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise.


We believe that there is an opportunity to revolutionize this industry by connecting it through business networking technology.


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