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What is Qoobus?

Limitless Industry

Think of your ideal workday in transport & logistics.

What do you see?

Speedy transactions, real-time information, market visibility, fluent communication with the right partners and in-time, profitable payments.

That’s our goal at Qoobus.Qoobus

Think of your ideal workday in transport & logistics.

From automatically matching transportation demand with supply, to managing all your logistics workflows - everything happens in a single app.

We’re here to make your business more efficient, more agile, more profitable, more secure and empower you for global expansion - all digital.

Qoobus is a lean, mean Logistics machine.
Remember the name and let’s change the game!

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Qoobus launched in 2017

We’re here for Small and Medium-sized companies who lack choice, security, transparency and technology when organizing their logistics operations. For those who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forward. Who continue to search for new ways to become more efficient.

Because today’s Logistics World deserves a partner to enable lucrative partnerships - through technology, vision and market knowledge. One that adapts to your needs, gives you control and constantly pushes you towards new, exciting opportunities.


One platform - Total market visibility, free access to information, no distrustful players.

Welcome to a world of digital logistics. Welcome to Qoobus.

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More to come, more to grow.

Whether you’re running a business looking for transportation capacity or freight to transport, we will match you with the right partner in a matter of seconds. Qoobus is building the ultimate logistics platform to suit all your needs.

Qoobus is currently available in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia and Bulgaria.

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